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Kent and Lisa Prentiss Rad Flag Owners

Kent and Lisa Prentiss live in rural western Oklahoma.  They have been married for twenty-six years and riding together for about that long !  Kent discovered his passion for V Twin bikes at an early age and Lisa has become a permanent fixture on the back of his Street Glide. 


Kent and Lisa chase all major bike events across the United States.  While doing so, Kent noticed a need for a product such as the Radflagz, "I try to live true to the Biker Code and help bikes that are broke down.  Often it is hard to know which bikes need help".  Hence, the Radflagz was born.


  They hope you will make the Radflagz a permanent accessory to your riding gear (and hopefully you will never need to use it) !!

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For wholesale questions or return information email radflagz@hotmail.com

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